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About You

If you have stumbled upon this website, then you are most likely:

  • a community-minded person
  • someone who has a heart for those in need
  • someone who understands that there are too many problems to solve them all at once, but wants to try anyway
  • a person that enjoys sharing with others with no regard for race, economic status or religion

Are you this person? If so, then welcome.  We need your help.

Wanna know what you can do?  Here’s some ideas:

  • helping serve and prepare food for one of our events
  • hold a donation drive to collect snack foods and hygiene items to be distributed to those we help
  • hang fliers at your work, church or anywhere that will let you.
  • talk to your coworkers about what it means to give thanks and how you might help

Please take the next step.

Go to the Contact Us page, and let us know what you would like to do.  Go here if you want to know more ways that you could help.

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